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Metabolic Technologies, Inc. (MTI) is a research-driven company dedicated to the development of credible, safe, and effective nutritional products. MTI has a state-of-the-art clinical and analytical laboratory to support research for our product development.

Through every aspect of our company, we set product standards that meet or exceed the highest industry standards and all of our products are backed by research and testing at top universities.

MTI was founded in 1990 by university professor Steven L. Nissen, D.V.M., Ph.D., and Naji N. Abumrad, M.D. Ultimately their research led to the discovery of HMB and its effects on health and performance.

MTI's first product was HMB. After seven years of safety and efficacy research in animals and humans, HMB was introduced to the national market in 1995. Since then, additional studies have been conducted in adult men and women, both young and elderly. These studies led to the publication of a summary of the clinical safety data on HMB from a total of nine human clinical studies. These published results show that HMB consumption not only has no untoward effects but also has health benefits and sets an example for the industry of a company's commitment to ensuring product safety.

Since the development of HMB, further scientific studies and innovation has resulted in our latest derivative of HMB, BetaTOR (HMB free acid).  Published studies on BetaTOR have shown that this new delivery form is safe and has numerous benefits such as a quicker delivery to the body resulting in enhanced efficacy.

With this new innovative derivative of HMB, MTI collaborated with TSI Group Ltd. to co-develop a new sports nutrition product BetaATP.  BetaATP was awarded the 2015 NutraIngredients' Sport and Energy Finished Product of the Year award.  BetaATP is a combination of the two proven ingredients, BetaTOR and PEAK ATP.  Research has shown that combined these two ingredients have a powerful, synergistic benefit on performance gains. 

MTI now exclusively holds the patent to their newest formulation MyoeDge.  MyoeDge is the combination of the proven nutritional ingredients HMB and Vitamin D3.  While the positive effects of HMB are well known, it has only recently became apparent that another nutrient, Vitamin D3, is also essential in helping muscles reach their full functional potential.  Continuing research is showing that together these ingredients are essential to optimizing muscle health and function.

MTI is committed to delivering quality products and the credible scientific evidence to back those products.  Learn more about our current products here.

Mission Statement

The mission of MTI is to develop and market naturally derived products that enhance health, performance, and well-being. Central to this mission is that any products developed by MTI will only be marketed after quality manufacturing is ensured, safety has been proven, and effectiveness has been scientifically verified. The result is highly effective products that have definably superior safety margins. In addition, the quality of the products is ensured by focusing on strong patent protection of the products. This allows MTI to set strict purity and labeling standards on all products in the marketplace.

MTI's first product, HMB, is a good example of this mission. Before HMB was marketed, seven years of animal and human testing was conducted to ensure that HMB was safe and effective. In addition, successful enforcement of HMB patents has allowed MTI to ensure that only the highest-quality products are on the market and that all labeling is proper.

Research will continue to be the cornerstone of MTI. The principals and other researchers at MTI hold academic appointments at major research universities and continue to contribute to basic scientific research. This ensures a continued commitment to high scientific standards as well as placing MTI scientists at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies.

MTI is actively researching new uses for HMB as well as new products that are consistent with the mission of developing natural products to enhance health, performance, and well-being. In this process, we believe MTI is setting the standard whereby new natural products are introduced into the market.

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