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Steve Poynter

By Steve Poynter, Bodybuilder/Personal Trainer

"I was honored to get a chance at trying out HMB. Once I got the product, I immediately started to use it. This was at the same time I was doing a major cut for a contest online.
When I started the cut, I was 190 lbs and about 8% bodyfat. When I ended the cut, I was 176 lbs and 4% bodyfat. So with that being said, the only thing I can contribute the lean gains from was the HMB, this was the only new thing I had introduced to my supplement list. Normally when I do a cut like this, I start around 180 and end up at 163. Well, as stated this time I was much bigger and carried a lot more mass.
Another factor is that during this cut, I never really lost much strength at all.
With all this being said, I am grateful to have had this chance to use HMB and from this day forward, I will continue to be an avid user."

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