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Sam Dancer

By Sam Dancer, CrossFit/NPGL Athlete

"I have been a competitive athlete over half my life. Just like any competitive athlete I like to win, be the best and be associated with the best. Without a doubt HMB is the best and most effective product I have ever taken. I can honestly say I have never been so excited to share my results I have had with HMB to my clients and other athletes. Within weeks of taking HMB I had set multiple personal records in my Olympic lifts, over-head squat, front and back squat. I tell everyone that is in the quest for health, wellness, and better performance if you want to be a recovery monster you need to take HMB. It has allowed me to handle a higher volume of training at a greater intensity, and the results speak for themselves. Whether you are trying to take your physical capacity to the next level or just wanting to have some personal gains taking HMB is a must."

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