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Philita Wheeler

By Philita Wheeler, NPC Figure Competitor

"Being new to the fitness industry meant I had a lot of research to do. I went into my first competition not even knowing what supplements were. That was until 6 months later when I committed to a lifestyle that meant 3am workouts and 6 meals a day. It was a drastic change from my previous habits and a change I don’t know how I lived without! It wasn’t until recently I found HMB and the possibilities at the gym became endless. HMB not only helped increase my lean mass but my new found strength at the gym has been at a whole new level. I have been able to push through the barriers of the last few reps in order to maximize my workouts and continue to gain strength and muscle size. Being able to quickly recover from tough workouts and minimizing muscle damage should be at the top of every athletes list!"

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