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Kris Lynn

By Kris Lynn, Figure Competitor

"I was introduced to HMB a few months back and at first I was unsure of the product. The product claimed that my performance would improve, my strength would increase, I would retain and even build more lean muscle and my recovery would be quicker. Seemed like a pretty typical supplement claim, but I gave it a chance and let me tell you their claim is spot on and HMB helped me stay on top of my game!!
Daily I was seeing that my training sessions were lasting longer, I was working heavier loads and I was always ready to get back at it again the next day. I recently went through my 1st 12 week contest prep and I had heard about all these soreness, strains, tired, lethargic days I would encounter. Well let me say that having HMB with me every step of the way helped me dodge many of those days. My stamina and strength never diminished and my gains were extraordinary. I got my 1st WIN from that competition and I just hit the age of 37, after years of unhealthy habits I would definitely say HMB has helped me repair and regain a better, stronger body. I'm keeping HMB in my daily regime. Thank You HMB!"

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