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Jeff Mack

By Jeff Mack, Masters Track & Field Athlete

"Being a Masters Track & Field athlete competing at the tender age of 37, I can truly say that some training days are tough and most other days are even tougher. As a sprinter competing in the 100 and 200 meters, daily workouts can be quite demanding. Every muscle from the neck down is being used to the fullest from start to finish. Onset muscle soreness, lactic acid buildup and fatigue; all lead to a less productive workout!

What can I say about HMB? This formula was first introduced to me by my weight lifting partner. At first he told me that he was taking something that has him lifting and exercising longer than he normally is used to. “Yeah right, I thought to myself.” His next comment was that I try this product for myself. I felt that it was just another gimmicky sugar tablet that just eats out of your wallet. Later I was fortunate enough to give HMB a try. At first a couple weeks went by using only the recommended dosage. The first thing that I did notice was that other people were commenting on a little bit of size that I had gained.

As usual, I was used to seeing myself everyday and did not take notice. However, out on the track there was a different story. Another running partner of mine was literally exhausted after a few reps of continuous 150 meter runs. I on the other hand was ready for more!

During a recent indoor meet with only two weeks of training after recovering from the flu, I managed to place second in the 55 meter dash at a time of 6.74. After being a little discouraged for second place, I later on found out that the time was the second fastest in the nation for Masters Track & Field ages 35-39!"

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