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Jackie Haas

By Jackie Haas, Fitness Model & Athlete

"Just as I was to the point in a race where you know you should be feeling like your legs want to slow down, your breathing patterns begin to toughen and you just wish it could get easier, it did!  Instead of feeling like I wanted to slow, I wanted and knew that I could push harder than ever before.  I was able to keep my pace, breathe deeper and use every ounce of oxygen that my body was giving me to the fullest extent…I was getting stronger and pushing harder.
Now, I know that over the course of the busy Arnold Classic Weekend (and all it’s festivities), running a race that final day my body would be exhausted.  (Not to mention from being 5 months post baby.)  Instead of wanting to ease off a bit, I was elated that I was able to recover from each leg turnover like never before.  Not that I am not the firmest believer in HMB but it was not until this moment in time, during a 5K race that it hit me like a ton of bricks…my intensity levels have now been put to the next level thanks to the delivery of HMB to my body!
I have been able to up the intensity of my training over the course of the past 2 months and have felt the results, no doubt.  But now feeling and more importantly believing in the results in conjunction makes me know that this is just the beginning – all thanks to HMB!"

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