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Eric Todd

By Eric Todd, Strongman/Strength Athlete

"The first time I took HMB was in prep for a strongman contest.  I was competing in the lightweight pro division, so I had to cut a bit of weight.  In the past, I felt like I was dragging into weigh ins, and was lucky to have the 24-hour weigh-in to recover and replenish in order to be able to perform.  This particular time, however, I felt like I was ready to go stepping off of the scale.

Another place I felt the difference was when I had a long layoff of cardio.  Whereas in the past, It would take me several weeks to acclimate to running, now I acclimate to it within a weeks time.  And doing high rep workouts (like high rep squats, where you have to crawl up the stairs) I recover at a much faster pace.

Since training on the heavy, big bar lifts I feel HMB has allowed me to do this very taxing training much more often due to the recovery properties.  Thanks Team HMB!  You have created a supplement product that is beneficial to many aspects of training and life!"

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