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Chad Shaw

By Chad Shaw, Natural Bodybuilder

"I decided to give HMB a try after looking up valid studies on-line.  I've always been very scientific in my approach to maximize my muscle gains as a drug free bodybuilder. After reading the countless studies, and scientific data regarding HMB, I determined that whether or not I should try this product out was a no- brainer! There is just no way you can argue the effectiveness of this product after reviewing the documented studies that have been done on it. When I began using this product, I didn't notice anything instantly, however, after 3 weeks using this product I noticed a very impressive increase in my muscle recovery after workouts! Normally, some of my more brutal workouts, such as leg workouts for example, would leave me almost crippled for 3-4 days following an intense workout. After taking HMB for several weeks, I was amazed how good I felt the days following my most intense workouts! My muscles didn't hurt at all! On top of that, I noticed steady increases in all of my lifts, and began to notice more muscle density, and stamina, within just 1 month! I'm 37 now, so I don't recover nearly as quick as I did 10 years ago, so HMB has definitely proved to be a valuable product for me to add to my supplement regimen! I've decided I will make HMB a permanent addition to my normal supplement stack. When you're fighting this battle to become a successful bodybuilder without the use of drugs, you need every natural advantage that you can get! I would recommend HMB to anyone who is serious about maximizing their muscle gains, and getting the most out of each and every grueling workout!"

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