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Bryan Dermody

By Bryan Dermody, Powerlifter/Strength Athlete

"I started using HMB in 2009 and the biggest thing that made this product different from any other supplement that I have taken is that I never had to wonder if it was working or not. Results were immediate. After the first time I took it I noticed a dramatic decrease in the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) from training. In simple terms this meant that I could train with higher volume and higher intensity and I could do both of these more often. That pretty quickly translates into bigger and faster strength gains. For the strength athlete HMB has to be as much of a supplement staple as whey protein. Strength athletes often do a great job of training and nutrition, but tend to neglect or just not know how to enhance recovery. You have to realize that results from today's training are only going to be as good as the recovery from today's training is. HMB can be the factor that pushes you to a level you have not been able to reach thus far."

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