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Aaron Phillippi

By Aaron Phillippi, Natural Bodybuilder

"I first used HMB in the early 90's as a 19 year old.  I didn't use many supplements back then, and my results were pretty much immediate, my strength and recovery improved substantially the first month.  Benefits continued on... I could use more weight in the gym and didn't fatigue any where nearly as quick. At age 22, I walked away from the sport of bodybuilding, but returned 4 years ago to do my first bodybuilding show after the layoff.  I figured I was about to turn 30 and didn't want to wonder “what if?”  So, I used a basic stack that included HMB and without a doubt this supplement is for real.  I was able to maintain strength and muscle mass throughout the prep.  Three years later, I once again put HMB back in the mix for my last 17 week prep.  The results… I improved in every respect, even though I weighed the same as 3 years ago, I looked 20 pounds bigger and with improved condition.  From here on out, HMB will remain a constant in my pre contest prep and off-season training.  There is science backing up everything I've personally experienced in the real world.  If you want a solid supplement as the backbone of your stack I highly recommend HMB!"

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