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Priscilla Ribic

USAPL/IPF Powerlifter

DOB: November 21

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2017 IPF Open World Powerlifting Championships - 1st (World Record Deadlift (249kg) & M1 World Record Bench Press (165kg))
2017 IPF Masters World Powerlifting Championships - 1st (Best Lifter & Set 4 IPF World Records)
2017 World Games - Wroclaw - 2nd (Women's Heavyweight)
2017 USAPL Open National Powerlifting Championships - 1st (Open & Masters)
2017 IPF 2nd World Women's Classic Bench Press - 1st
2016 IPF World Open Championships - 2nd (Master's 1 World Record Squat & Total)
2016 IPF World Masters Women's Championships - Champion (Masters 1 World Record Squat - 508 lbs.)
2016 North American Powerlifting Championships (Qualified for World Games)
2016  IPF Raw Master's Championships - Champion (Master's 1 World Record Total & Deadlift)
2016  USAPL Open Nationals - Champion (Master's 1 World Record Squat - 512 lbs.)
2015  IPF World Open Powerlifting Championships - Champion
2015  USAPL Raw Nationals - Champion (Master's Division, World Record Bench Press)
2015  USAPL Athlete of the Year
2011  USAPL Women's Hall of Fame
2010  Brother Bennett Award Recipient
2009  International Powerlifting (IPF) Hall of Fame
2007  North American Powerlifting (NAPF) Hall of Fame
#1 Ranked IPF Female of All-Time with 654 Wilks Points (2004-2009)
#1 Ranked Female in the USAPL (2003-2009; 2011-2012; 2014)
30 IPF World Records
40 International Competitions (24 IPF World Championships/3 World Games)
8x IPF Open World Championship Winner
8x IPF Master's World Championship Winner
Only U.S. powerlifter to medal in 4 World Games

Competes in the 67.5 kg & 72 kg weight class:
Best Totals:

  • Squat - 551 lbs.
  • Bench - 363 lbs.
  • Deadlift - 556 lbs.
  • Total - 1441 lbs.

"I feel lucky to have been introduced to HMB!  As a drug-free athlete, it is important to have a supplement you can trust.  HMB helps in the endurance and recovery desperately needed for training at the highest level.  I push my body, currently training for back-to-back IPF World Championships (Masters and Open).  I will be looking to the support of HMB to keep my body at its best as I prepare to battle the best in the World!"



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