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Justin Blake


DOB: Oct 20

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2017  Michigan's Strongest Man - 3rd
2016  Motorcity's Strongest Man - 2nd
2016  Michigan's Strongest Man - 3rd
2015  Mid-American 105kg Pro Am Strongest Man
2015  Michigan's Strongest Man - 3rd
2014  105KG American's Strongest Man - 7th
2014  Motorcity's Strongest Man - 2nd
2013  105kg America's Strongest Man - 5th
2013  Michigan's Strongest Man - The Battle in Bavaria – Champion
2013  Motorcity's Strongest Man – Champion
2012  105kg America's Strongest Man - 4th
2012  King of the Mountain – Champion
2012  Arnold Amateur World Strongman Championships participant
2011  105KG America's Strongest Man - 3rd
2011  Oktoberfest Bavarian Strongman Challenge - 5th
2011  Cardinal Challenge II – Champion
2011  King of the Mountain 4 - 2nd
2011  Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championship participant
2010  Invited to Strongman World Championships in Kiev, Ukraine
2010  America's Strongest Man 105kg - Champion
2010  King of the Mountain 3 - Champion
2010  Motorcity's Strongest Man Warren, Mi - Champion
2010  105KG Strongman Show of Champions Orlando, Fl - 2nd
2009  105KG World's Strongest Man Kiev, Ukraine - 6th
2009  105KG America's Strongest Man Bangor - 3rd
2009  Monsters of the Mall Strongman Challenge KS - Champion
2009  American Strongman Live Battle Creek, MI - 3rd
2009  ASC Lightweight Pro Class Orlando, FL - Champion
2009  American Strongman Jamboree Florence, SC - Champion
2008  LW Nationals – Champion
2008  American Strength Corp. Texas Showdown
2008  15th Annual Central USA Strongman - Champion
2008  American Strength Corp. Splash Bash for the Troops - Champion
2008  American Strength Corp. St. Pat's Qualifier - Runner-up
2007  231 lbs - North American Strongman Association National - Champion

“I have been using HMB for 18 months and it has become a staple in my training regimen. Since making HMB an essential part of my diet, I have been readier than ever to start training sessions because I have recovered much better from previous training sessions. Also, lifts that I had been performing regularly for years with little improvement, such as olympic style back squats, have seen dramatic improvement. I am now doing repetitions with weights that were my MAX. HMB is the real deal for anyone serious about being strong!”

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