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Jared Enderton

Olympic Weightlifter/NPGL Grid Athlete

DOB: September 9

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2018  CrossFit Games South Regionals - 5th (Qualified for the CrossFit Games)
2017  CrossFit Liftoff - 8th Overall/3rd by Weight Class
2017  The Battle for Mile High - 3rd
2017  CrossFit Games South Regional - 12th
2016  CrossFit Liftoff - 3rd (Weight Class - 196-210 lbs.)
2016  CrossFit Games South Regional - 22nd
2016  FrostFit Soco - 1st (Elite Male Team Division)
2015  CrossFit Liftoff - 5th Overall (1st in Weight Class)
2015  Battle of the Dragon Slayers - 3rd (Pro Division)
2015  Drafted to the NPGL Baltimore Anthem team
2015  Arnold Weightlifting Championships
2015  Attitude Open - 1st (competition PR clean & jerk - 185 kg)
2015  AWF Grand Open - 1st
2014  Arnold Weightlifting Championships - 10th
2013  Alpine CrossFit Weightlifting Competition - 1st (awarded Best Male Lifter)
2013  Attitude Nation Winter Open - 1st (awarded Best Male Lifter)
2013  USAW World & Pan-Am Qualifier Weightlifting Championships participant
2012  Twin City Open - Champion and best overall lifter (qualified for the American Open)
2010-2012  3x Weightlifting National Qualifier
2011  Qualifed for World University Games (had to withdraw due to injury)
2011  Olympic Weightlifting - Collegiate Nationals - 2nd Place
2009  Strongman - Summerfest ProAm - 4th Place
2008  Strongman - Teen Nationals - 3rd Place
2007  189lb Iowa State Wrestling Champion
2007  3x Iowa State Wrestling Place winner

94kg Lifter
155kg (341lbs) Snatch
195kg (429lbs) Clean & Jerk

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