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Jada Kelly

NPC Bikini Competitor

DOB: December 2

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2015 NPC West Coast Classic - 4th
2011 NPC USA Championships - 5th
2011 NPC Los Angeles Championships - 3rd
2011 NPC California State Championships - 3rd
2011 NPC Muscle Contest Bikini Class - 5th
2010  World Physique Magazine's Ms. World Physique
2010's Featured Competitor
2010's Fit Gem of the Month (November)
2010's Fitness Amateur of the Week (September)
2010 Bikini Class D, NPC Tournament of Champions - 1st place

Favorite HMB Product:  
BodyTech HMB

"I started using HMB during my contest prep for my upcoming NPC Bikini Division competition. I started prep about 10 weeks out from the show and was using HMB for the first time. I was just coming off of surgery so building up and maintaining my lean muscle mass was very important to me! I began using BodyTech HMB capsules after my strength training workouts. I am thrilled to say that I feel like I am 100% back to normal after surgery and I look and feel amazing! I felt like I had lost so much definition and muscle mass in my legs and shoulders and now, 10 weeks later, I have built everything back up and look better than I did before surgery!"

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