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Erin Stern

2x Ms. Figure Olympia

DOB: February 5

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2018 Arnold Classic Africa - 4th (Body Fitness Division)
2013 Figure Olympia — 2nd Place
2013 Australia Pro — 2nd place
2013 Arnold Classic - 3rd Place
2012 Arnold Classic Europe — 1st Place
2012 Sheru Classic — 1st Place
2012 Figure Olympia — 1st Place
2012 Valenti Classic Pro Figure — 1st Place
2012 Australian Pro Figure Classic — 1st Place
2012 Figure International - 2nd Place
2011 Jacksonville Pro- 1st Place
2011 Figure Olympia - 2nd Place
2011 New Zealand Pro Figure — 1st Place
2011 Australian Pro Grand Prix XI — 1st Place
2011 Arnold Classic — 2nd Place
2010 Figure Olympia — 1st Place
2010 Europa Show of Champions — 1st Place
2010 Arnold Classic — 2nd Place
2009 Fort Lauderdale Pro Fitness and Figure — 2nd Place
2009 Figure Olympia — 6th Place
2009 Houston Pro Figure — 2nd Place
2009 Jacksonville Pro — 2nd Place
2009 Europa Show of Champions — 5th Place

"I have counted on HMB to help with my recovery since my college days. As a former Division I heptathlete and high jumper, I had to perform optimally during two-a-days and competing in multiple events in one day. When I started training for figure competitions, I started taking HMB again. I noticed that I wasn't as sore after workouts, and I was able to keep my training intensity high. I also noticed that I was able to maintain more lean muscle mass as I prepared for the stage. I believe that it helped me with my success as a figure athlete and as a track athlete!"


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