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Danyelle Mastarone

NPC Figure Competitor

DOB: April 26

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2016 NPC Teen, Collegiate, & Masters National Championships - 6th (Masters Class A)
2015 NPC Mid Atlantic Grand Prix - Champion (Figure Class A & Masters Class A)
2013 IFBB North American Championships - 11th (Figure Class A)
2013 NPC Shawn Ray Classic - 2nd place (Figure class A)
2013 NPC Pittsburgh - 6th place
2012 IFBB North American Championships - 11th place
2012 NPC Natural Eastern USA Championships - Champion
2012 NPC Natural Ohio - 2nd Place
2010 NPC Natural Pennsylvania Championships - 3rd Place
2010 INBF Cardinal Classic - 3rd Place
2010 OCB Steel City Championship - Champion

Favorite HMB Product:  
Optimum Nutrition HMB

"When I first started competing, I thought "supplements" meant whey protein.  A fellow team member, who I look up to, introduced me to HMB so I thought I would give it a try.  Within two weeks I noticed major changes in both the strength of my workouts and my recovery.  Now it is absolutely a staple for me and for all the women I train.  HMB definitely helped me become the Figure athlete I am today."


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