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Brad Gillingham

Drug Free Powerlifter/Strength Athlete

DOB: April 26

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2017  USAPL RAW Nationals - 2nd (Master's 2 American Deadlift Record Set - 716 lbs.)
2017  USAPL JBC Invitational - Champion (Master's Division)
2015  USAPL Raw Nationals - Champion (Master's Division)
2015  Empire Classic: TSI/Metabolic Technologies Pro Deadlift - Champion
2015  Arnold BetaTOR/PEAK ATP International Pro Deadlift
2014  IPF Invitational Classic (RAW) Pacific Cup - 3rd (Master's World Record Bench Press (518lbs) & World Record Total)
2014  Arnold GNC International Pro Deadlift - 2nd
2013  IPF Classic (RAW) World Championships - Champion
2012  USAPL RAW American Record Total - 2066 lbs
2012  USAPL RAW American Record Deadlift- 837 lbs
2011  IPF Open World Record Deadlift (870 lbs)
2010  Master's World Record Deadlift (881.8 lbs)
2006  IPF North American Region Hall of Fame Recipient
2006  International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Hall of Fame Recipient
2004  USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Brother Bennett Award Recipient
2001-2005-2009 IWGA/IPF World Games Competitor
2X IPF World Champion 5X IPF North American Region Champion
3X IPF Masters World Champion
32 IPF World Championship Medals
12X USAPL National Champion
4X USAPL Masters National Champion
5X GNC IPF Arnold Classic Deadlift Champion
2X Arnold Classic Strongman Competitor
4X Empire Classic GNC Pro Deadlift Champion
1X IPF Pacific Ocean Invitational Champion
Best Total:
870 Squat
633 Bench
881 Deadlift
2342 Total

Favorite HMB Product:  
GNC Pro Performance HMB

“GNC Pro Performance HMB has been a great addition to my supplementation plan.  My training consists of a very high volume training regiment.  As a Drug Free Athlete my training style continually challenges my ability to maintain energy throughout the workout and to recover for the next training session. I have found that HMB not only helps with my energy level throughout the workout, but helps with my recovery and decreases delayed onset muscle soreness.  In addition, as an athlete over 40, I am excited about the research indicating that HMB can help to reduce LDL (Bad) Cholesterol and lower blood pressure and cardiovascular risk.”

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