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Recovery Time

HMB allows maximal intensity in the next strenuous activity

3002001000 Pre Post Race 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days HMB Decreases CPK Levels (Muscle Damage Marker) After Running Percent Change in CPK Activity (Knitter et al., J. Applied Physiol. 89: 1340-1344, 2000) Without HMB: Muscle Damage 51 209 130 100 62 With HMB: Less Damage 21 107 41 24 16
450 350 250 150 50 0 -50 Pre Week 2 Week 3 After Weightlifting Percent Change in CPK Activity (Jówko et al., Nutrition. 17:558-566, 2001) Without HMB: Muscle Damage 435 119 With HMB: Almost No Damage 13 -24

It's as true for the casual athlete as it is for the serious competitor: people feel the effects of a workout the next day. HMB is shown to benefit anyone involved in strenuous activity by minimizing muscle damage – improving recovery after a workout.

HMB minimizes muscle damage during hard exercise by minimizing protein breakdown. Less protein breakdown means improved muscle cell stability and less membrane damage. This reduction in muscle cell damage (leakage) is measured by a reduction of muscle damage markers such as creatine phosphokinase (CPK) in the blood stream.

From the serious athlete to the conscientious fitness enthusiast who works out for the health of it, the evidence is growing that HMB is a nutritional supplement that has yet to reach its full potential.

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