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HMB in Combination

HMB should be taken in combination with a balanced diet containing a daily protein intake of about one gram per pound of body weight, especially if you are actively exercising. If your diet isn't balanced or your protein intake is low, then HMB should be combined with the appropriate vitamin, mineral, protein, or energy supplement to balance your diet.

With Vitamin D

In a retrospective analysis of data from a year-long study in elderly adults, researchers discovered that while HMB increases lean muscle mass, without sufficient Vitamin D in your system muscle function (strength) was not increased (Fuller et al., JPEN 35:757-762,2011).  This discovery has led to additional ongoing studies and has shown that together HMB and Vitamin D act synergistically to promote muscle health, improve lean muscle mass gains, and increase muscle function. Learn more about this powerful, patented combination at

With Creatine

Research shows that HMB combined with creatine produces greater results than either HMB or creatine alone. A published study shows these two most powerful supplements have an additive effect (Strength and Muscle Building: 2001: Jowko). HMB and creatine is a combination that serious athletes who are looking for results through weight training can use with confidence. HMB and creatine is a proven combination that helps athletes increase strength and strength-related performance benefits.

With Amino Acids

HMB combined with the amino acids arginine and glutamine (Juven) has been shown to help maintain muscle mass in cancer patients (Additional Human Studies: 2002: May) and in individuals suffering from AIDS related muscle loss (Additional Human Studies: 2000: Clark). Furthermore, this combination has been shown to improve markers of wound healing (Additional Human Studies: 2002: Williams).
Additionally, HMB combined with arginine and lysine has been shown to increase strength and functional measures in elderly men and women which is most likely through enhanced efficiency of protein synthesis (Additional Human Studies: 2002: Levenhagen).

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