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Zercher Classic Results

Blog Article ImageOn Saturday, I competed in one of the most grueling competitions I have ever lifted in.  It was the Zercher Classic at Clarks Gym in Columbia.  Thirteen lifts contested in one day.  Not counting warmups, I lifted over 22,000lbs over 8 hour’s time.  Here is how the day went:

Vertical Leg Press: 750lbs.  I got second here, as I called for too big of a jump for my 3rd lift.

Clean and Press (heels together): 245lbs.  Good for first place.  I had to be real conservative in my pressing as I am nursing a bad elbow injury that I just can’t shake.

Clean and Jerk:  I hit an easy 285lbs for the win.  I went very conservative here.

Bench Press (feet in the air): Hit an easy 350lbs for the win

One Arm Deadlift: 275lbs tied for the win here.  Pull was very light, but I couldn’t get the balance down on this lift.

Heels Together Deadlift: Talk about an awkward pull!  I hit an easy 550lbs for the event win, 100lbs more than the closest competitor.

Hack Lift: This was even more awkward.  It is basically a deadlift that you pull with the bar behind you.  I could barely get the weight around my hamstrings.  Hit 365lbs for the win.  Tons of strength left in the tank, but had a hard time figuring this lift out.

Zercher:   In this lift, you deadlift the weight to your knees, then put the bar in the crook of your elbows and stand upright with it.  I did not go as high as I wanted because on my second attempt, I got too aggressive and knocked myself backwards.  So I hit an easy 385lbs for the event win here as well.

Steinborn:  This lift is especially tricky.  You must lift the barbell so that it’s upright/vertical then wedge yourself under it and let it drop over your shoulders.  Then you do a full squat with it, before returning it to the ground the same way you got it up.  I hit a fairly easy 375lbs for the event win here.  Obviously the squat part was easy; the tricky part was getting it on my shoulders.

Neck Lift:  I hit a PR of 525lbs for the event win, 100lbs more than my closest competitor.

Hand and Thigh:  I went conservative here, as I felt something pop in my arm on my first pull.  Ended up being alright, but it worried me.  Hit 1305lbs for another win.

Hip Lift:  Tied my old PR with a lift of 1675lbs.  Was close on 1875, but it was aggravating an old injury, so I stopped there.  Good enough for second.

Harness Lift:  It took everything I had to hit 2225lbs, which was a huge PR, but that only ended up being good enough for second here.

I led in total and points all day long after the second lift, winning 10 of the 13 lifts.  I had the highest total by over 1,000lbs.  Unfortunately, I was beat by formula again, and took second on points.  It was a great challenge and a good experience.

Posted on January 31, 2012


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