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Wrapping up the IPF World Cycle | Priscilla Ribic

Well all good things come to an end, but when training for a meet, the end of the cycle is just the beginning of the best part: being on the platform!

I train 6 weeks leading up to a competition and have come to the realization that once you hit master (over 40) training days aren’t always what you expect them to be.  As I get older, I become wiser or more so reality hits me in the face. 

It takes a heck of a lot more effort to warm up stiff body parts.  Some days just aren’t meant to happen and it is ‘OK’ to walk away.   I remember the days when I never ever, not even on my deathbed of sickness, missed a workout.   If you are a conditioned athlete, you can miss a workout (or dumb down your scheduled workout) and still keep on track for the end game. 

Bringing it all together, I will be hitting the IPF Master’s World platform on Oct 1 @ 9:30am CST.  There is live streaming all week long of Team USA competing and you can watch it all here.

Check out my last squat training session before IPF Master’s Worlds here.  I hit 500+ change.  To keep up on my training be sure to follow me on Instagram

Thanks to HMB for keeping me recovered and ready for more.  After IPF Master Worlds, I am headed to Scranton, PA two weeks later for the USAPL Raw Nationals.  Then I will be turning right around and going to Luxembourg to represent Team USA at IPF Open Worlds.

Posted on September 25, 2015


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