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World Strongest Man 105Kg 2009

Blog Article ImageI recently returned from the World Strongest Man 105K Championship. Strongman Champions League and the Ukraine Federation of Strength Athletics hosted the competition. I left the USA on Wednesday night and 20 hours later I was in the airport in Kiev, Ukraine. A taxi was waiting and took us directly to the hotel for dinner, between a little sleep on the plane and a little that night I managed to get some decent rest. It was a long wait on Friday though until the contest actually started, which made it tough to mentally “get up” for the first event, but when the whistle blew I was ready. The temperature was about 45°F in the arena, so it was good temperature for a contest. The event started with an arm over arm pull.

Arm over Arm – the implement was a giant wooden sledge with a huge industrial tire sitting on top of it and a 2 inch diameter rope to pull on. I drew the 9th starting spot so I got to see 4 groups go before I went. No one had finished yet, the best distance so far was 17m and there were a couple 0’s as well. I gripped up the rope and when the whistle blew I gave it hell. The sledge barely budged but I was able to fully extend and reel in some more rope for another pull. After 4 or 5 pulls I could no longer hold onto the rope and had to begin wrapping it around my arm. I managed to get 12.9m in the one minute time limit, which eventually placed me in 7th place. No one made a full pull.

Giant Dumbbell Press – Dumbbell pressing has always been a tough event for me, and at 175lb and long 10” barrels on the ends, this was by far the biggest dumbbell I’ve ever touched. The whistle blew and I barely missed my first two attempts. I took a short break to re-group lifted the dumbbell to my shoulder and locked out one good rep. I tried one  more and was close again. One rep was a huge accomplishment and despite finishing 10th in this event, this was a highlight for me.

Firetruck Pull – I was third to pull, and neither competitor before me moved it far. I was determined and tried several pulling techniques but was never able to get the truck into a roll. 1.7m distance put me in the lead at this point but was bettered by most of the remaining competitors. No one finished the course again.

Log Press Medley – The 4th event was four logs, weighted at 265, 285, 310, and 330lbs. I blew through the first two but had little left after I cleaned the third. The competitor from Russia completed all 4 presses, and he did it in a very impressive fashion. My performance here left me mid-pack again.

Farmers Carry – Two 285lb cylinders had to be carried 80’, set down while the athlete turned around, picked back up and carried back. The tanks were large diameter cylinders and the handles were inside but on the top half of the tank. This caused them to be difficult to walk with but the event would still be a foot race. I managed a time of 29 seconds, which again put me mid-pack at 6th place.

Manhood Stone Lift – The stone lift required a 375lb smooth granite (I think) stone to be lifted over a 52” bar for max repetitions in one minute. This event was definitely my chance to make up some points. The first lift was calculated but easy and aside from smashing my arm between the stone and bar on rep 4 I completed 5 without much struggle and tied for the event win.

Car Squat – The apparatus was comfortable until I hit the bottom 4” or so, the weight moved into an awkward position and buried me. Some practice on this type of set up will be useful in the future.

Overall I managed to walk away with 6th place, some great experience, and a desire to get better for next year. I’m definitely proud to have represented American Strongman and Team HMB on an international level too. A huge thanks goes out to God, my family, training partners, ASC and Team HMB for helping me make it this far and complete another successful year.

On that note, everyone have a great Christmas, remember the reason, and make sure you set goals for 2010!

Posted on December 21, 2009


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