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Working My Core

Blog Article ImageI’m often asked how often I train my core to get my abs.

My honest recent answer to one of my friends, was “I hardly do any ab work, and if I do it’s not consistent”

So it got me thinking, what IF I actually put a ton of effort in building up my abs, what would they look like on stage? We all have a pre-defined set of abs that can be seen with the right level of body fat. But I’ve never spent time working on them, until now.

I plan on spending the next six months creating my most amazing abs yet. My plan is to work them 3 days a week.  I can’t lie, that is a stretch for me because I’m used to getting my ab work in through power movements like squatting and deadlifting. I usually run out of gym time for my abs because I forget it’s on my list to do.

I already have a good base core and it’s time I put effort into my natural strengths and see what the next six months will bring.

Here is a sample of my recent ab workout.
    1.      Lying bench weighted leg raise 4 sets of 12 with a 12-pound dumbbell between my feet.
    2.      Hanging leg raise super set with the ab wheel 4 sets of 15 with each of these.
    3.      Standing cable crunch 3 sets 15 at 80 pounds superset with 3 sets of the roman chair leg lift

I save this for the end of my workouts and it’s definitely a challenge.  I am eager to see what 6 months of variations of my work can bring!

Posted on October 26, 2012


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