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Working Around Injuries

Blog Article ImageHey all.  The past couple months have been full of highs and lows.  It was awesome to get to go to the Arnold Classic again this year and talk to so many of you about the benefits of HMB.  I get a great deal of enjoyment discussing something I believe in.  It was also awesome to see fellow Team HMB members rock it in their respective competitions.  Great job to Bryan, Brad and Justin for representing!

Training has been full of ups and downs.  I have really been attacking my legs over the past couple months.  I have been incorporating a high volume squat routine that absolutely kills them.  However, with the help of HMB, my recovery from these workouts is better than ever.  My legs are my weakness when pulling, and I decided to do something about it.  It is paying off, as my squat and a number of variations of deadlifts have been increasing.  The down side of my workouts is that my elbow has gotten increasingly worse.  I have not had full range of motion in it for about a year, but I was still able to train my pressing heavy.  I tried laying off pressing for about a month in hopes that it would heal, but when I came back to press again, it hurt worse than ever.  I finally broke down and saw a doctor (which I hate doing) and he referred me to an orthopedic surgeon.  So it looks like I will be getting it scoped in the next month or so to find out the full extent of the damage, then move forward from there.  I remain optimistic that it will recover nicely.  Until then, it is a golden opportunity to attack my deadlifts, and work the strength in my non dominant arm. 

Last month, I hosted the KCSTRONGMAN challenge at my training facility.  What started out as a very small meet with just 8 or 10 lifters to let the local guys have something to compete in, but it turned into something much bigger.  This year we had 25 competitors from 4 states.  The competition was fierce.  The final results are listed below.

Here are your top 10 Overall:
1st-Spencer Remick
2nd-Sal Badali
3rd-Shane Redden
4th-Jason Ries
5th-Aaron Brown
6th-Chad Julian
7th-Jeff Howenstein
8th-Alan English
9th-Scottish Johnny
10th-Vincent Morales

Here are your top 3 per class:
200# class
1st- Jeff Howenstein
2nd-John Strangeway
3rd-Steve Rollins

231 class
1st-Sal Badali
2nd-Vincent Morales
3rd-Alan English

265 class
1st-Spencer Remick
2nd-Jason Ries
3rd-Garrett Nichols

1st-Chad Julian
2nd-Aaron Brown
3rd-Mark Brownson

1st-Shane Redden
2nd-Matt Krulic
3rd-Lance Foster

This weekend, I will be hosting "The Battle in the Barn" a USAWA old time strongman meet, also in my training facility.  I look for good competition there as well.  We have started planning for Missouri's Strongest Man: The Gus Lohman Memorial IX.  It will be on June 16 as part of Belton Community days.  I will give more details as we get closer.  I will keep you all up to date with the elbow and the contests.  Until then, keep taking your HMB.  The stuff really works!

Posted on March 22, 2012


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