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Winter Training

Blog Article ImageMy training is going great!  I started a new program last week and will roll with this one for four weeks.  I am focusing on destroying fibers and growing as much as possible before traveling to the HOA Classic to defend my Pro Title in May 2013.  In this training program I will be hitting 2 body parts per day, performing 3 different exercises per body part with 6-8 reps per set. There is no rest in between sets until done with all 3 exercises, then I rest for 2 minutes and repeat 5 times.  I am eating clean and staying healthy with HMB added into my diet, which helps immensely with these types of tough workouts.  My training will stay tough and steady throughout the holiday season and I will try to keep my diet as clean as I can.  I am sure there will be a couple cheat meals in there somewhere.  I plan to try and compete in a couple bigger shows in the spring of 2013 and see if we can blow out 2013. 

I am really excited about the Holidays, I love spending time with all the kids and Gina and having those family moments. 

Keep training hard, eating right and treating your body like you only have one because you do!  Make sure you are using HMB in your exercise program; get the supplement that can actually make a difference.

Posted on December 11, 2012


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