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Who will be the King of the Mountain?

Blog Article ImageSince competing in two strongman contests back to back in April, I took some much needed, although not desired, time off from training for strongman. Fortunately, I was still able to get in a couple of gym sessions in the interim.  With a busy work schedule, a fast-growing baby girl, and finishing up another semester of graduate school, every minute of my time counts.

Looking toward the future, my next contest will be on June 12th. I will be defending my title at King of the Mountain 3, which is sanctioned by North American Strongman and takes place in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. There will be a good mix of heavy weights and endurance events that will challenge all the athletes. With summer temperatures and humidity beginning to sky rocket, remaining the King of the Mountain will be a daunting task.  Although it will be tough, I’m excited about it.

Now that I am getting back into the swing of training, HMB has been a vital part of my regimen. A couple years ago, a few weeks of time off like this would have me begging for mercy days after a vigorous strongman training session. However, after hitting my first event training session in 5 weeks, I woke up the next morning ready to go again!

Keep an eye out for a contest write up and make sure you supplement with HMB to maximize your strength, endurance, and recovery.

Posted on June 1, 2010


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