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Where should my focus be?

Blog Article ImageSo I am one week out from my first show of the year, which just so happens to be one of the largest regional shows in the area.  Oh and did I mention it is in my hometown of Pittsburgh, where so many who know me will be watching?  No pressure right?  I decided to take that and use it as more fuel for my fire.  And think how much less stress I will have not worrying about travel and hotels. 

So with that out of the way, where should my focus be in the homestretch?  Focusing on the after party and celebration meal sounds like fun, but could also be a recipe for disaster.  Focusing on every workout I have left and how I can only train legs two more times?  Probably not.  What about adding up the hours of cardio left before show day?  Definitely not.  I have put the time and training in and physically I am on track, so this time, unlike any prep before, I am going to trust the process, listen to my trainer and stop stressing.  Ah, a sigh of relief.  This frees up my mind to focus on the mental part of this sport. 

I need to keep enjoying my prep, taking time to appreciate my hard work and the changes my body is making almost daily!  I also need to focus on seeing myself on stage.  Even after 4 years of competing I still get extremely nervous right before I go on stage.  While a few butterflies are fine, all out panic does not translate well into a “relaxed” pose.  So focus on enjoying the moment and being mentally present on stage.  For the next week, I will continue training hard, following my nutrition plan and using my HMB to keep me strong and recovering quickly. 

Posted on April 26, 2013


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