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When the Chalk Settled...

Blog Article ImageI went to compete in my last meet of the year this past Saturday, the Omaha Open powerlifting meet.  Initially I had a few goals in mind:
First - Getting to go compete with my dad.  Starting a few years ago, my dad and I started working out together once a week and trying to compete together once or twice a year.  We have not been able to do this yet this year, so this was supposed to be the time.
Second - Hit a good deadlift in a meet.  I have hit some respectable numbers in training, but really wanted to hit one in a meet.

Unfortunately, one of those was not to be.  The day before leaving, I got a call from dad.  He was sick, and would be unable to make the trip.  So I was on my own, with only the numbers I wanted to hit in my mind to keep me company.  On that I didn’t disappoint.

I was entered in the push/pull division in the Open 242 pound class.  We started off with bench press, which really has not been going very well for me lately.  Warm-ups felt good, though, so I opened with 340 for an easy rep, and 3 white lights.  I went up to 360.  This didn’t feel nearly as good.  I got the down command and 3 whites, but my confidence was shook a little.  Played it conservative and went to 370.  It went up much easier than the 360.  I definitely left some in the tank here.

On to the deadlift.  Warmups felt good, so I opened up at 600 for an easy pull. I called 625 for my second attempt and it went even better.  This was a meet PR.  I called 650 for my last attempt.  I pulled it, and GOOD LIFT!   This was a meet PR, and a PR for me without the use of straps (my grip is a weakness). 

When the chalk dust had all settled, I won my division and the best lifter in the Push/Pull division.  It was a good way to finish off the year.  Thanks to the supplement HMB for help in my prep for this meet, and the Optimum Nutrition (ON) and American Body Building (ABB) products .  ABB’s NO Speed Stack Pumped and ON’s Whey Crisp bars helped me get through the day.  If all goes as planned, my next meet will be the USAWA Old time strongman meet at the Dino Gym in Holland, Kansas in January.

Posted on November 23, 2010


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