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Blog Article ImageThe past month has been quite busy with me starting to coach track practice.  HMB really helps me continue to push my training, particularly during busy, stressful times. 
It was great to go to the Arnold Classic again this year, hang out with fellow Team HMB athletes, and discuss HMB with the masses.  It does me some good to get the word out, because HMB is truly a product I believe in.
I found yet another benefit recently from HMB.  I picked up running again, and since I had not trained that way in a while, I expected it to be atrocious.  The first week, it was.  It felt awful.  The second day, I ran after a heavy lower body weight session, and thought I was going to have to quit.  I pushed through, and on the third run, it started to feel much better.  Within 1 week's time it was feeling great, and I was accelerating the entire time.  I had heard before of the cardiovascular effects HMB could produce, but this was the first time I’ve had personal experience with it.
Competition wise, I am looking at doing 2 highland games in the next couple months, then try and find a strongman meet or two to do.  Training is going well.  I am using the 5-3-1 template for most of my heavy lifting, and our own Brad Gillingham's Deadlifting program. 
I am currently working on getting everything in line for the 8th annual Missouri's Strongest Man: The Gus Lohman Memorial contest.  This contest is a benefit contest for Camp Quality, a camp for children with cancer.  We have raised about $17,000 total for the camp and are hoping of pushing that number up greatly this year. 
Lastly, I have had the chance to try the cookies and cream variety of ON's Platinum Hydrowhey.  I love their Hydrowhey, and this is just another great flavor to add to the arsenal.  I am looking forward to getting to try the new Platinum Hydrobuilder that Optimum has on the market.  From hearing about it, it sounds like a good product to take.  
Until next time, continue lifting heavy and getting stronger with HMB!

Posted on March 31, 2011


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