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Warm Up & Mobility | Brad Gillingham

"What kind of warm up do you do before your heavy lifts?"

My warm up philosophy has really changed over the years.  When I first started lifting 35 years ago I did very little warming up.  These days my warm up and mobility work is a significant part of my workout; granted I am over 50 years old now. I include active stretching, mobility work and lighter dynamic movements.  For instance, on my lower body training nights I may start with some very light stretching. This is followed by three circuits of the following movements:

  • 10 Spidermans
  • 10 kettle bell swings
  • walking  lunges or Bulgarian split squats
  • light overhead squats
  • other hip mobility movements

My upper body/heavy bench training session also includes a fair amount of warm-up and mobility work.  It may include Bulgarian split squats, kettlebell swings, shoulder horns, rotator cuff movements, and other mobility work.  

My advice to any strength-training athlete is to start on a good program of warm-up/mobility work when you are young.  There was not a lot of talk about mobility work years ago.  You will have less problems down the road if you pay attention to this essential part of your strength-training workout.

- Brad Gillingham, CSCS



Posted on June 26, 2017


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