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Blog Article ImageWell, February is the love month and I’m feeling it! The number one person to love is myself first. You may have heard that statement many times before, but it is so true. When I love myself by taking care of myself, then I am a better trainer, coach, friend, etc. to others. One the most important ways to love myself is to do what I enjoy and have fun. At the top of the “fun” list is training!

This month I am not only reminded of love because it is February, but it is also the countdown to the Arnold Expo and my first show the following week. I have a lot of excitement in looking forward to these two events. I am usually highly motivated to train and now there is an added boost. I have some clients getting ready for their first shows ever and I get so excited and proud of them when I see their progress as the weeks pass.

On and off for the past year, my head and heart have been devoted to training, yet I’ve been a little physically drained due to allergies. Many days I would have a lack of energy due to the sinus pressure. Thanks to a new doctor and the correct herbal medicine, I feel like a new person with plenty of physical energy to train and match my mental energy. 

I’ve started to re-introduce sprints back into my training. I used to practice them on a regular basis when I competed in fitness. They were great training to increase my stamina for my routines. After two pulled hamstrings and my switch to bikini, I took a break from them. Although my stage time does not include a routine, I miss the athletic component and physique benefits to that type of training. I’m currently have a training day with a combo of sprints and plyos. During contest prep and added training, I am also taking my HMB 3x a day every day as opposed to only on weight training days. The increase in my strength and leanness since using HMB still amazes me and can’t imagine training without it.

Visit the MTI/HMB booth (#822-824) at the Arnold Expo in Columbus, Ohio on March 2nd-4th and then come out to cheer me on at my first show of the season on March 10th in Torrance, CA!!

Happy training!

Posted on February 14, 2012


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