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USAWA's Old Time Strongman Recap

Blog Article ImageThis past Saturday, I competed in the USAWA's Old Time Strongman Championship.  Training had gone well, and I was itching to compete again.  The competition went well.  

In the Anderson squat, I topped off at an 810 lb. attempt.  It went up easily and smoothly, with plenty in the tank. I was first place in this event.  

Next was the Anderson press.  I held the National record in this one, and was successful in upping it to 355 lbs., which ties my training PR.  It was surprisingly easy, and I left some in the tank here as well.  Placed first in this event too.  

Last was the Dinnie Lift.  I was a bit concerned about this one, as I had abused my thumbs in training for it, and I was left without much thumbnail.  It went better than I thought and I tied for first in this event on my first attempt with 710 lbs.  Not a PR, but I knew I was far enough ahead it was all I needed.  Often in this organization, I will achieve the highest total, but get caught on formula.  Not this time.  I had the highest total and won by formula.  

Next month I will be competing in a meet that is a tribute to the legendary strongman, Warren Lincoln Travis.  There are some lifts that I expect to see some big numbers, but I know with the aid of HMB and my Platinum Hydrowhey, I will be ready to roll.  Until then...

Posted on December 13, 2013


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