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USAWA Old Time Strongman Championship Recap

For 2014, I finished up my season by competing in the USAWA Old Time Strongman Championship.  There were four disciplines contested at this competition: Apollon’s Axle, Saxon Snatch, Dinnie Lift, and Hand and Thigh.  My personal results are as follows.

The first lift contested was the Saxon Swatch.  I tied for first place honors in this lift with a mark of 105 lbs., and was just 2 lbs. off the mark for the overall record in this discipline. 

We then moved to the Apollon’s Axle, a clean and press event.  This lift has been exceptionally difficult for me since my elbow surgery, with my limited range of motion.  On this particular day, however, I hit my best mark since the surgery with a solid 300 lb. lift.  It was good for second place. 

Coming up next was the heavier lifts where I was planning on making my move.  We hit the Dinnie Lift, which has gone well for me in the past.  In training, I was toying with World Record numbers, but upon doing so, I shaved all the skin off the inside of my thumb, so my training on this lift had taken a hit.  On this day, I hit a solid 700 lbs., and just missed my PR attempt of 775 lbs.  It was still good enough for first place though.

The last lift of the day was the Hand and Thigh.  This went well.  I finally broke the 1500 lb. barrier.  I got the event win and became the fourth guy to hit 1500 lbs. or better in the Hand and Thigh. 

After the meet, I went for a record attempt in the harness lift and was successful with a lift of 2560 lbs.  I had the highest total in the meet, and won the championship on formula as well.  As always, thanks to HMB for continued support in performing at a high level.  Also, thank you to PEAK ATP, which has aided me in my training with more speed and “pop” on my lifts.  Anyhow, here is to an even stronger 2015!

Posted on January 5, 2015


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