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USAWA Nationals | Eric Todd

This weekend past I had the opportunity to compete in another USAWA Nationals.  I had not been certain I would compete because after a couple good weeks of training for it my lower back started to give me fits.  After an unsuccessful attempt to train through it, I decided to train around it as best as I could.  This was rather tough, as there were a number of deadlifting movements in the event.  So I pushed forward and competed, despite the back issue. 

The meet was at the York Barbell Hall of Fame in York, PA.  What an opportunity, with contest lifts made popular by old timers in a place made famous by old time lifters.  The plan was to go all out on a couple lifts and play it conservative on the others.  Basically come home in one piece.  However, once I started lifting, I felt pretty good.  I started to get greedy.  However, on my second attempt in the cheat curl, I got a nice shock to my back that reminded me of the original game plan.

So, I got back on track.  The highlight of my lifting was the pullover and push, which I won by 165 pounds.  It was also one of the higher marks for this lift in the record book.  By the end of the day, I still had the second highest total, and was sixth by formula.  I was blessed to share the platform with lifters from age 11 to 86, including several hall of famers.  A huge thanks to the USAWA for putting on this amazing event as well as Team HMB and Team PEAK for their support and products that allow me to compete at this level.

Once again, I am going back to the drawing board.  I have to get this back issue in check.  So for now, my focus will be to continue improving my shape and conditioning, reducing body fat and increasing hypertrophy, while allowing my back some time to heal.  As always, PEAK ATP and HMB will play critical roles in the process.

Posted on June 25, 2015


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