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Training in Full Swing

Blog Article ImageI should start this blog off by announcing the newest addition to my family, Ryker Jacob.  He was born on February 24th and is keeping my wife and I extremely busy.  With the birth of our newest it leaves my wife on maternity leave and gives me a chance to get about 12 weeks of quality training in.  Nicole, my wife, totally supports my lifting and sacrifices a lot of time in order to see me succeed.  Without her I wouldn’t be nearly as successful as I have been and owe a lot to her.  

Since the last blog, much has happened in terms of deciding my next meet.  I was invited to the 2012 NAPF (North American Powerlifting Federation) Regional Championships in July.  These are held in the Cayman Islands and it gives me a chance to qualify for the 2013 World Games.  The World Games is my ultimate goal as a powerlifter and I know I will have to have my best meet ever in order to qualify. 

Due to committing to this meet, I am now undecided on the 2012 USAPL Nationals.  I really want to defend my national title but it might be too many meets in a short period of time.  I feel like I have to really concentrate my training and make sure to peak in July.  I still haven’t ruled it out but it depends on how everything goes. 

I am finishing the second wave of my four week prep program and have fully restored my raw strength, in fact I feel like I’m the strongest I’ve ever been.  I have been able to accomplish this even while dropping several pounds in order to make the new 264 weight class.  I am right around 270 pounds and want to lose the last few pounds as soon as I can.  While I have been cutting the weight I have upped my HMB dose to ensure I’m providing my body the best chance to recover while keeping my strength levels increasing.

With it already being April, my powerlifting season is usually in full swing.  Around this time I usually have already done one to two meets.  Unfortunately with my schedule I haven’t been able to do any since last June and am super excited for the summer to hit some big numbers.  Even though I haven’t competed, I did help spot and load at the 2012 Missouri State Open.  Here I was able to spot fellow HMB team member Brad Gillingham on the platform and as usual he had a great day on his way to an American raw record in the deadlift and total.   

With my training in full swing now I will be posting new training videos in the near future, so please check back.  Until then, continue to lift hard and smart which means adding HMB to your supplement list.  You’ll be glad you did.  

Posted on April 25, 2012


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