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Blog Article ImageThe fall season is always my favorite time of the year, but also the busiest. The kids are back in school and I am spending some quality time following their athletic events. I am learning that with a daughter running Cross Country, I better stay in good walking/jogging shape if I plan to follow the running action around the various golf courses this season. I have a lot of traveling coming up in late September and October to various events and strength seminars which will include trips to Cuba, Alaska and Philadelphia.  I am really looking forward to hunting season…….not only do I enjoy hunting but the added benefit is that hunting requires a considerable amount of walking and hiking.

I have stuck with my alternative training plan that I discussed last month, which includes a high volume of front squats.  After a few years off from consistently training this lift I am finding this movement to be very challenging.  I was able to finish my first cycle with 3x5x440.  I am hoping to finish my second cycle with 3x5x450 and onward until I can try to get closer to the 4x5 with 490 that I have completed in the past.  I am finding that the front squats are not only increasing my quad strength, but I am also getting stronger in the upper and mid back. This has given me an added benefit of increasing my bench press strength. I have also put a lot of focus into gaining some strength back in Romanian Deadlifts (RDLs).  RDLs have always been a staple to my deadlift training but I have not been able to train RDLS very heavy in the past couple years due my chronic glute hamstring injury.  I still have a long ways to go to hit my PR 6x670 but I am making progress. I completed a set of 6 with 551 this week. My next competition will be USAPL sanctioned bench and deadlift contest at the Alaska Fitness Expo in October.  At this point I am hopeful that the body will be healthy and that I will be able to compete at a high level in October.

With this high volume training approach I am depending more than ever on the great recovery benefits that I obtain from my daily supplementation with GNC Pro Performance HMB……great stuff!

Train smart, stay healthy, set your goals high, and don't forget to add GNC Pro Performance HMB to your supplement list! Good luck in meeting your strength and fitness goals!!!


Posted on September 12, 2013


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