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Training for 105kg America's Strongest Man!

Blog Article ImageMy training for 105k America's Strongest Man has been fierce since the beginning of the 2009 strongman year. As the defending champion, my number one goal in 2009 is to repeat (and keep the title in Michigan for the 4th straight year). This would allow me the opportunity to represent the USA at the 105K strongman world championships. I think the old saying goes something like: "staying at the top is 10x harder than getting there", so obviously a tremendous amount of dedication is required to repeat. There is also a lot of tough competition to keep me motivated and training hard.

These two factors have me pushing the limits at every training session to maximize my strength while improving my speed and efficiency in multiple strongman disciplines. My typical training week usually includes a lower body gym day on Tuesday, an upper body gym day on Thursday, and strongman event training one day per weekend.  With the championships quickly approaching I am focusing more on strongman event training than normal, which makes proper recovery even more important. Here is what my event training has looked like over the last two sessions:

Session 1

Frame carry / Keg Carry - 680 x 60’ / 300 x 60’ x 2s

Frame carry - 780 x 60’

Keg carry bearhug style - 300 x 2s x 80’

Monster Dumbell press - 140 x 4r x 2s

Atlas stones - 350 x 3r – 54”; 350 x 1r – 54” and 330 x 4r – 50”

Session 2

Axle press - 143, 193 x 5r; 243 x 3r; 293 x 4r; 243 x 5r

Yoke carry - 480, 680 x 2s x 100’; 880 x 2s x 60’

Atlas Stone Load - 210, 260, 280, 310 – 56” x 3r; 330 – 56” x 2r; 365 – 56” x 1r; 385 – 48” x 1r; 410 – 48” x 1r

With training, rest, and diet all being a crucial part of this process, I am very happy to be part of Team HMB. HMB has allowed me to push the limits harder than I ever have before, and I look forward to showing it at 105K America's Strongest Man!

Posted on July 14, 2009


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