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Blog Article ImageAfter winding down from my bikini competition last month, I was gearing up for an all-female tournament mid-April. Less than a week and a half before the tournament, the promoter changed the date. I like to give plenty of notice to my clients and myself when rearranging our schedules to possibly make up the session, so I changed my plans. Luckily, there was a white belt tournament at Tapout Gym the Sunday prior, so I switched gears and entered that one.

There ended up being no women in my weight class, so all four matches were against guys. I ended up with 3 draws and 1 loss. My coach said the draws should be considered a victory in which I agreed. It was a submission only tournament, so I got a lot of defensive practice. Being a white belt for 7 months now, I am reminded that it is normal to have way more defensive practice than offensive. It was more exhausting rolling with the guys given their weight and strength difference, yet I still loved the competition just as much. I was grateful to have an alternate option at my home gym and continue improving my skills.

I went back to practice that Tuesday and unfortunately got injured during basic drills. I would like to say that it was from something more exciting, but that was not the case. The bones of my AC joint were bruised along with small tears to the tendon. I am quickly on the mend and taking plenty of HMB to speed the healing process. I just started doing light leg workouts that don’t involve holding weights along with cardio.

My original plan was to compete at the NAGA in May and Gracie Worlds in June. My shoulder currently feels 95% healed. As of now, I’m anticipating returning to training in a week and continuing with the original plan. The experience has taught me to roll with the punches and make do with what I have. It may not be an ideal situation 3 weeks from a competition, yet the tournaments are a form of practice as well. So if I’m healed, then I’m competing and having fun! Stay tuned for next month’s blog to hear my experience at the NAGA!

Posted on April 23, 2013


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