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Tournament of Champions

Blog Article ImageLast year at this time was when I turned pro in the brand new bikini division. It was a very exciting time for me to start a new journey in a different division. This division was new and changing in 2009 and was still slightly changing in 2010. As for me, I also have been changing for the better. My entire presentation has been transformed along with an improved physique thanks to dedication in training and HMB. The switch to bikini proved to be a great decision with regards to competing for me. With my body type being one that is difficult to add muscle, I am able to train very intensely (as I love to do) and still fit the mold for a bikini physique.

I had my best performance yet at the Tournament of Champions Show this past weekend. I felt great about my physique and my presentation has drastically improved from the beginning of the season. It was even improved from my last show a month ago. As I walked across the stage, I felt the positive energy flowing from me. I love the feeling like I’m shining when I’m on stage!

Still on a high from the show, I have decided to compete in Sacramento in November. I will be continuing to practice and fine tune my presentation, trying various posing styles. As for my training, I will be adding more plyometrics, since my minor injuries have healed. I will have a blast flipping around when practicing gymnastics, which I often couple with plyometrics.  I will also be doing my sprints/plyometrics combination. I complete sprints on the straight part of the track and then complete a set of tuck jumps, pike jumps, etc. in between the sprints. I take a break in between just to catch my breath again before I start the next one. I complete a different set of jumps after each sprint. I reap the benefits of a faster recovery with HMB supplementation. It assists in recovery for all types of training and has greatly helped my fitness level in both recovery and leanness!

Posted on September 15, 2010


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