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Tollakson Wins Ironman Lake Placid!

Blog Article ImageTJ Tollakson won his first Ironman title yesterday at the Ironman Lake Placid!  He edged out previous Lake Placid champ Ben Hoffman by 8 minutes and 14 seconds.  TJ had a combine total of 8:25:15 with a 2nd best swim of 50:27, near record bike of 4:33:33, and 3rd best run of 2:56:45.  Look below for the top ten placings of the race.

TJ will be competing next in the Hy-Vee Olympic Triathlon on September 4th.  Congratulations to TJ on his win and we are very proud to have him as a part of Team HMB! 

1. TJ Tollakson (USA) 8:25:15
2. Ben Hoffman (USA) 8:33:29
3. Jason Shortis (AUS) 8:47:18
4. Eduardo Sturla (ARG) 9:04:16
5. Daniel Bretscher (USA) 9:07:05
6. Ian Mikelson (USA) 9:12:42
7. Mike Neill (CAN) 9:13:03
8. Tim Snow (USA) 9:16:01
9. Matthew Russell (USA) 9:26:06
10. David Lamoureux (USA) 9:36:11 * M30-34

Posted on July 25, 2011


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