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Throwing Weight Around Like Never Before

Blog Article ImageMy training has been going great!  I have been setting new PR's and have been throwing weight around like never before.  I have started a new program recently, that incudes occlusion sets.  I am hitting every muscle group 2 times a week right now.  Training with such high intensity and volume can really zap you, so it is crucial to have HMB in your corner for this. HMB will assist in recovery, which will help you keep up with the demands of such a demanding training schedule.

I am still in my off-season bulk mode for another 2 months, but once January rolls around it will be back to the cutting program and getting ready for a BIG 2014 as far as competitions go.  I will be attempting a 3rd straight pro win at the HOA Classic and a couple other pro shows thrown in with the year ending at the Worlds Championships in November in Miami! 

Keep training hard and keep the HMB going.  In my opinion, there is no other supplement that can do what it does!

Posted on October 8, 2013


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