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Through the Heel

Blog Article ImageCompetition is right around the corner with lots of excitement building along with intense training! The main focus for me is the ham-glute tie-in. This term is very common in the female competition circuit. I immediately get a visual in my mind, and I picture the gluteal and hamstring muscles being tied together. Therefore, I like to refer to that area as the bowties and train legs accordingly to keep them tied together very tightly (so to speak). Also, adding the humor of using that term is enjoyed by my clients. :)

Legs day can be the most or least favorite depending on how you look at it. Leg training is very taxing, yet it is so satisfying to get such a muscle pump and cardio workout in one! That day is of utmost importance when focusing on improving the bowties. Along with various types of squats, there are also various foot placements. More importantly, there is also the emphasis on a certain portion of the foot.

Common among many, especially females, is the emphasis pushing through the toes and ball of the foot which relies heavily on the quadriceps. The backside can sometimes be neglected especially because it is not seen as often by our own eyes. When doing compound exercises, think of using the strength in the hips and pushing through the heels which relies on the glutes instead of the quads. The glutes will have more power than the quads and often require mental concentration to use them. Concentrate on pushing through the heel and using the glutes and hams. The quads will still come into play, but won’t be the main focus. You will be able to handle more weight and produce better results.

With single joint movement for glutes, the emphasis will still be pushing through the heel, whether it is against the floor or a machine. If no weight is needed for the exercise, then flex the foot to fully engage the glutes. In addition, using HMB will aid in your recovery and a shapely, proportioned lower body will be arriving in no time!

In preparation for my show, I train this area twice a week with an intensity that would not allow a third time in the same week. Along with a clean diet and proper amount of rest, the bowties become much more defined. When on stage and the judges tell us to turn to the back, I will smile at the thought of showing off the bowties under the bright lights!

Posted on March 16, 2010


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