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The Strength to Push Forward

Blog Article ImageIn a world of working, families, bills, and life it’s hard to not only fit in fitness but also have the desire to get out of bed and go to the gym. People always say that when your stressed go workout and you will feel better. I do not disagree with that statement but if you are like me then you have a hard time even getting the physical energy to go.  When I’m overly stressed I have a hard time mustering up the energy to even put my workout clothes on.  I seem to reclose to a dark room and sleep.  I think I’ve always been that way. It’s not my ideal way to be, but it is just the way I’m wired. 

I had a family situation recently that left me emotionally drained and constantly worried and glued to my phone. This then left me physically exhausted and I had to turn to my friends for outside support. I am absolutely blessed to have my amazing husband and supportive friends. My husband is the positive force in my life and my friends are there to boost me in any way they can.  It’s through the support of others that I can get the strength I need to make my 4 a.m. workouts. 

So when you find yourself in a hard situation remember it’s ok to take a little time off from the gym to give your body the time it needs to respond from the physical reactions from stress. Also remember that exercise will help combat the anxiety you feel and rely on your support system to give you the strength. Remember that in times of great stress sleep is critical to maintain. If you are having trouble sleeping at night I recommend the supplement ZMA, it has helped me avoid some sleepless nights. Additionally, I am sure to not miss a dose of HMB, it continues to help my body recover faster even though I have been using it for several years now.  I can certainly tell a difference if I miss it for a few days and then hit a heavy workout.  

We all have stress and hard moments in life.  I’m not giving up or changing competition plans because of a certain stress level.  Look for me on stage in November at the NPC Kentucky Muscle. I will be ready!

Posted on July 31, 2013


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