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The Road to the Arnold #5

Blog Article ImageJust started the final phase of my training leading up to the ASF. Was able to pull 860 without straps and 880 with straps on the rack deadlift from 21” off of the ground. This is a very hard position to pull from for me because it puts the bar right at the middle of the knee cap – as far away from my center of gravity as it could be – still a good pull and a personal record. The video can be found on my YouTube page.

I was suppose to end the last phase with a 5-RM deadlift off of the floor with suit and belt, and also completing my best 5x5 squat workout to date. These plans got derailed for a couple of reasons. First, I really lost my training edge at the end of last phase because our entire football staff got fired after the season – it is very hard to keep my mind buried in training while I am looking for a job. Second, I had wrongly assumed that I could pick up where I left off in my last competition in terms of feeling comfortable pulling in a suit. This was not the case.

Right now I almost feel stronger with no equipment on whatsoever. This is not a bad problem to have. I just have to spend more time pulling in the suit. In fact, I have altered my training plans somewhat for this last phase. The first change I made was to put in more suit work on my heavy deadlift day. Instead of pulling 6x1 with no gear off of the floor every other week, I will do 3x1 with no gear and 3x1 with suit and belt. The second change is to not do the Circa Max band squat phase, but rather go back to 5x5 back squat with no gear and work up to a personal record 5x5. I just felt I left things unfinished in terms of my squatting last phase. In order to benefit most from the Circa Max squat phase, I needed to peak out on the 5x5 squat phase. This did not happen, so I will go back and relay the foundation, even stronger this time.

Posted on January 14, 2010


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