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The Road to the Arnold #3

Blog Article ImageJust finishing up a short 16-day accumulation phase. I tore some fascia in my low back about two months ago while doing deficit deadlifts. I really wanted to use this phase to test it and find out if it is totally healed yet or not. I was able to do a raw 5x5 with 500 pounds on three-inch deficit deadlifts. The last set of this 5x5 is posted on my You Tube site at The low back felt great after this – a very positive sign.

I was not really sure how to go about rehabbing torn fascia when this happened, mainly because I did not know how differently, if at all, fascia responded than muscle. I started the rehab/treatment with just ice and some very light soft tissue work (foam rolling the fascia). After that I progressed to one treatment of muscle scraping, along with more aggressive soft tissue work (rolling with pvc pipe and vibration massage) and very light, high-rep back extensions to facilitate blood flow through the injured area. Finally, I progressed to a high volume of reverse hypers, while keeping the icing and soft tissue work the same.

Next phase I will be using a phase of band deadlifts with very high band tension leading into a 5-repetition maximum in the deadlift with a suit and belt. Also, I will be doing raw 5x5 back squats to keep the leg and core strength progressing. We are about 12 weeks out from the Arnold. The emphasis has not changed:

1. Stay healthy – if training goes uninterrupted, a decent weight should go up at the Arnold

2. Improve glute and hip strength

3. Improve leg strength

4. Improve upper back strength

Posted on December 7, 2009


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