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The Road to the Arnold #2

Blog Article ImageTraining has been going great for the Arnold. Just finishing up my last phase before I focus on my last macrocycle before the contest. I really focused on my glute and hip strength this phase with straight-leg sumo deadlifts, bent leg reverse hypers, single-leg rdls and other rdl variations - check out my You Tube page to see videos of these Also, working on healing up some torn fascia in my lower back, so did not push the low back work a ton, but managed an 18” rack pull of 785 with 70 pounds of band tension and a 15” rack pull of 715 with 70 pounds of band tension, both a little conservative.

I will be starting my next macrocycle with a short phase that will focus on volume and getting in shape to peak for March, then getting more specific with heavier loading as time progresses. See the attached file for the details of the final three phases. I will continue to focus on glute and hip strength to improve my deadlift in the mid-ranges of the pull, but also work at ensuring my low back is stronger than ever. I think the partial ISO deadlifts will be great for pushing through the sticking point in the pull and I think the zercher deadlifts will be great for strengthening the pull off of the floor. I will be sure to post videos of these on my You Tube page in the future.

Still taking 8 caps of Optimum Nutrition HMB per day. In my own experience, HMB seems to work the best when I take the first 4 caps before the day’s training session, instead of waiting until after. I do not know all the specifics of recovery, but I do know that recovery starts immediately after the training session is finished. It makes sense to give the body a head start at making the HMB available when it needs it most. Also started taking Optimum Nutrition Hydrowhey protein. I take two servings twice a day, every day. It is a very high quality protein and tastes unbelievable!

Posted on November 20, 2009


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