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The Road to Recovery

Blog Article ImageWell, it has been a little bit since I have posted a blog.  There have been ups and downs since my last one. First of all, I finally got surgery on my elbow in August.  It was long overdue, and I am glad to be recovering.  They had to remove some ridges of bone that had developed due to the years of abuse from wrestling and lifting and the injury was preventing full range of motion.  They also had to clean out the inside of the joint and ended up pulling out a dime sized "pearl".  Recovery has not been as quick as I wanted, but I am pushing forward and making progress every week.

While trying to find ways to train without the use of one arm, I started hitting some big bar lifts pretty hard.  My lifts were moving in the right direction.  However, with the strain that doing 2000+ pounds every week puts on your joints, these are easy to over train.  Before I realized what was happening, I had strained something in my knee.  I tried to train through it, but it was only getting worse.  So I decided to try and be smart and back off.  I focused on slowly getting my elbow back in shape and letting my knee heal.

The next two meets I had planned to do were the IAWA Worlds, and USAWA Old Time Strongman Nationals.  While doing my therapy on my elbow, I soon realized that these two meets would be out of the question.  Since I broke the neck lift world record in May, it had since been broken (by the very guy whose record I had broken).  So the promoter of the IAWA World Championships suggested that at the World meet, we have a neck lift challenge, between us, last man standing format.  The world record was 915 pounds.  When the bar hit the floor for the last time, I became the first person to break the half ton barrier in the neck lift, and ended with a new world record of 1030 pounds, over 100 pounds over the old record.  Anyhow, it was tough to be at the world meet and not be competing, but I was pleased that I was able to participate in the neck lift challenge.  And I am looking forward to start pushing my training again.

On the home front, we are back in school and hard at it.  My daughter Phoebe turned 2 and is growing like crazy.  While I was doing rehab on my elbow I had a light 10 pound dumbbell I was using.  Phoebe picked up a 3 pound one next to it and was trying the same movements!  She is also excited at our new news.  My wife, Jennifer is pregnant!  The new baby will be due in March.  With that being said, I will have to miss seeing all of you at the Arnold this year, but I will be back.  And I plan on being back stronger than ever with the help of my HMB!

Posted on October 9, 2012


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