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The Road Back to 800 | Brad Gillingham

I started out 2018 by traveling to Charlotte, North Carolina for the NSCA Coaches Conference.  The event was held at the Charlotte Convention Center, which is also home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame.  The opening night kick off dinner was held in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.  The NASCAR Hall of Fame has an endless amount of history. A highlight for me was being able to see all of the old cars placed in a timeline around a replica banked-track within the building.  It is always great to be surrounded by strength and conditioning coaches.  My time at the conference was filled with lots of conversations regarding training and supplementation at the GNC booth. As a bonus, I left -25 degree weather in Minnesota to the seasonably cold 20-degree weather in Charlotte.  Although it was not a warm week, it was still a nice break from the artic plunge in Minnesota. 

Speaking of artic plunge, it has been excessively too cold to do any training in the back of the unheated gym these past couple of weeks.  We have had to move our sand bags into the heated area of the gym until it warms up.  With less space to carry the bags, we have been doing a variation of a Zercher squat.  These are performed by picking the bag up and wrapping both arms around the bag.  You squat down, under control, below parallel with legs on outside of bag, and then explode up concentrating on squeezing the glutes.  This great exercise really builds strong hip extension.  I also feel it working the middle of the back. We have added this movement into our wrestling workout over at SMSU. Great way to finish out a workout.

I have recently had some really good deadlift training.  This week I went over 1000 lbs., above the knees, in the power rack for the first time since my health issues started four years ago.  My PR at this height is 1130 lbs., but 1000 lbs. is definitely my post 50 best.  I am really starting to believe my goal of getting back over 800 lbs. in the deadlift from the floor can happen.  Lifting heavy weight is always easier said than done.  I like to do more lifting than talking, but sometimes you have to put your goals out there to push yourself when it gets tough.  My goal is 800 lbs. before the year is over!

Train smart, stay healthy, set your goals high, and make sure to add GNC Pro Performance HMB along with BetaTOR and BetaATP products, available at your local GNC Store, to supplement your strength, energy and recovery needs.  These products are essential for any athlete that wants to train harder and recover faster!

Stay Strong!

Brad Gillingham, CSCS

Posted on January 25, 2018


Brad,  You wrote: I benefited a lot in 2017 by adding all of the GPP work back into my training.  I made a lot of progress in the areas of cardiovascular fitness, mobility, and functional strength.  Can you describe what you do for your cardio, mobility, and strongman work/loaded carries please?   Thank you.    

Posted By Paul Leonard on 01/26/2018

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