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The Mental Game

Blog Article ImageI just returned home from Phoenix after another great competition. This show was my best experience so far and also my best placing this year. With a quick flight and being in the same time zone, I felt well rested and ready to go.

I often hear many comments and questions about my training when getting ready for a show. I would have to say that it takes even more mental training than physical for my shows. I believe the mental training is much more challenging than the physical. During my time in the gym, I often need to push myself mentally in that sense, but I also need to mentally practice my posing along with the physical posing.

My presence on stage obviously deals with my outward appearance, yet my inner focus and determination also shows through on stage. Staying mentally focused on my goal is absolutely necessary. This task can be challenging when you have factors out of your control that can occur before a show. Whether it is a personal issue or airline delays to the show, it is important that I stay focused on my goal and let go of what is out of my control. When every aspect of my life is going smooth, then, of course, it makes my focus easier. On the other hand, when I stay focusedin spite of any roadblocks, I feel like a true athlete by meeting the challenge and moving through it.
I rehearse my stage time, including the call outs, in my head as often as possible. I include it in my meditation and allow myself to feel every aspect of my time on stage in prejudging and the finals. This practice is essential to me especially if I’m imagining an experience that has never happened in previous shows. When I have already lived an experience, it becomes much easier in the mental practice.

This show was the first time I was in first call outs at prejudging. Although I have placed fifth and sixth last year, I was in second call outs at both shows for prejudging. In Phoenix, the judges called out six women in the first group. Last year, 3 women were called out in the first group when I placed fifth and five women when I placed sixth. Even though my placing wasn’t higher, the mental practice helped to achieve that experience. So now, my mental practice will be easier given I have had the experience of first callout in real life.

Mentally pushing me in the gym is the fun and easy part that almost seems effortless despite barely being able to walk after leg day. Thanks to HMB, my muscles recover much quicker which allows my passion for training to keep getting even more intense and keeping my physique at top notch level! Outside of the gym I am planning on increasing the training of my mind with meditation of my stage presence until I achieve the outcome of my thoughts.
Happy training until the next show!

Posted on September 1, 2011


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